George Piskov Photography

passionate about black and white


Brighton Saturdays


Windsor. Pre-Christmas Time. 2019

The Old Quarters Of Kond, Yerevan 2019

Lake District



George Piskov is a British entrepreneur and photographer of Russian origin. He is based in the small town of Ascot in Berkshire. 

Looking at George Piskov black and white photography, you begin to perceive familiar things in a new way. It is as if your sensory receptors are starting to work brighter, you acutely feel the taste, listen to the slightest smells. This is the feeling his works convey. 

You may have visited many countries. You may have seen each and every corner of Europe. But with these photographs, you will see the old towns very differently - extraordinarily sharp, soulful and sensual. It seems that every street and every stone, every rod of a metal fence is digging into consciousness. Each picture speaks of pure and genuine emotions, often unexpected and striking in their obviousness. 

All of a sudden, you see things you simply don’t notice in the turbulence of modern everyday life. Every bit of these photographs breathes here, telling its own story, sometimes sad, sometimes romantic, but often very mysterious. 

It is a strange black and white reflection of life, where everything is an illusion and everything is a reality at the same time. Indeed, they are real, those silent images of buildings, streets, bridges and, however rarely, people... 

The black and white technique helps not to be distracted from the emotion, the sensation of the moment. Black and white photography is not limiting. On the contrary, it makes it possible to feel the fullness of perception by all senses, it sparks your imagination. History and architecture come to life, inexorably approaching you, capturing in a shocked consciousness. The atmosphere in the pictures envelops, it catches your eye and does not let go. You suddenly think how fragile and eternal is everything around. 

These works portray amazing textures. Every material, every surface is subtly and precisely conveyed. Here are those wet ancient stone steps or a burning parapet, heated by the midday sunshine. Reach out, touch - and you can feel it! Oh no, this is just an illusion...